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Using Club Boats

Published 09:20 on 10 Jun 2020

The General Committee has agreed the protocols set out below to release some of the club boats for members to use. I would like to thank Kevin Rose (Rear Commodore Sailing) and his team, Richard Pausey (Vice Commodore) and John Dighton (IT Manager) for getting these procedures in place.

The guidance below includes which boats are available to use, how they are marked up and where they can be found, conditions of use, the booking procedure and the safe use of the winches. These sets of guidance are to ensure your safety and the safety of other members whilst enjoying your sailing.

The 7 club boats that are listed below will be available for booking with immediate effect. It is important to point out that there will be no safety boat cover for the foreseeable future.

Initially there will be 4 Toppers, 2 Wayfarers and an OK released for club use.

Please note the identification of the individual Toppers - please keep each boat's respective parts together.

Wayfarers 2nd and 3rd Wayfarers in along the first row.

Wayfarer: 'Isis' Blue hull, grey cover, clearly marked with red tape

Wayfarer: 'Bourne Again' White hull, blue cover, clearly marked with blue tape

OK: 'Consida' closest OK to the river with a red cover, not marked with tape.

Conditions of Use

Boats MUST be booked prior to use.

The boats can be booked either for a weekend or use on a Wednesday.They will not be available at any other times.Booking is through SCM.

This is to ensure that there is 3 days between usage, ensuring no cross contamination.

Boats to be used by one household only. Different members of the same household can use the same boat.

Each Topper and Wayfarer are colour coded, the correct cover, trailer, rig and boat must be used.

Only competent sailors to use the club boats.

Sailors must satisfy themselves that they can sail and handle the boat in the weather and river conditions at the time of boat use.

Sailors must be aware that there will be no safety boat cover provided by the Club unless specifically notified otherwise.

Personal buoyancy is compulsory on club boats but must be member's own buoyancy.

Boats to be rigged on the club lawn away from the slips and towpath.

Only one boat to be on each slip at any one time.

Members must be able to launch and recover the boats in their family units without assistance.

Sailing must only be upstream of the Club, away from the marina.

Disinfectant and hand sanitiser are available within the boathouse.

Please do not book multiple dates for boats, to allow other members to use.

Please ensure you register at

Procedure for members to use a Club boat:

Go to the BOOK ONLINE section of the Club website when logged in. You must be logged in.


Select the BOAT you want to book.

Select the SLOT you want to book - Saturdays is for the weekend or a Wednesday.

Select the SPECIFIC DATE please wait for the dates to be a dark black - blue are available, red are not.

Select ADD TO CART (there is no payment involved).

Go to the BASKET at the top of the website.



You will see a message 'Thank you for your successful order'.

You can see your bookings in the members area under 'Bookings and Allocations'.

Use of the winches

Fury Boathouse

Open Fury Boathouse and use hand sanitizer provided.

Wipe down padlock using the disinfectant and paper towel.

Wipe down padlock on winch housing and open winch housing.

Wipe down the control switches and areas touched opening the housing.

Use the winch in the normal manner.It is recommended that sailing gloves are worn when handing the rope.

Once finished using the winch, close and lock the winch housing and lock the Fury boathouse.

Repeat procedure after boat is recovered from the water.

Downstream Winch

  1. Open men's changing room, prop the door open using the doorstop, and use hand sanitizer provided.
  2. Switch on winch power.
  3. Leave the changing room and close the door by kicking the doorstop back into the changing room.
  4. Please ensure the coded lock engages.
  5. The winch rope is located on the hook adjacent to the air compressor housing.
  6. Use the winch in the normal manner.
  7. Once finished, use the outside sink if you need to wash your hands again.
  8. Repeat procedure after boat is recovered from the water.

If you have any technical problems booking your club boat please contact John Dighton at or if you have any questions in relation to the above procedures, please contact Kevin Rose at

Nicola Smith-James



Last updated 16:05 on 14 June 2021

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